Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea - Bebe Station


Notes of plump raspberries and ripe melons define this citrusy sweet brew that can be enjoyed any time of day without leaving behind a heavy, lingering taste. Sero Bebes grows the beans that produce this light and delicate cup on his family plantation which is found in the Aiyura Valley within the eastern highlands of Papua New Guinea, and has been operational since 1968.  He goes to great lengths to ensure that only the finest beans are selected and used in this wonderful blend.  Every sip will call to mind images of warm coastal beaches with waves crashing against the sand, for a little taste of summer no matter what time of year it is!


Dominate Flavor Hints: Nice Sweetness, Clean, Fresh, Melon

Altitude >1600m

Processing Washed

Producer Sero Bebes

Origin Papua New Guinea

Region Eastern Highlands


Brew Parameters

Espresso: 19gr x 0:25 = 36gr

8oz Pour-over: 23g x 2:15 = 225gr

1/2 Gallon: 128g x 5:00

3 Liter: 167gr x 4:30

1 Gallon: 240gr x 5:00 

2 Gallon: 445gr x 5:30