Guatemala Antigua Hunapu

Guatemala Antigua SHB EP – Hunapu

Caramel apples are a timeless treat that are synonymous with the start of autumn, and the warmly familiar flavors of a crisp, tangy apple drenched in dark caramel are the flavor notes recreated in an exquisitely delectable cup of coffee!  Grown in the highland valleys of Antigua, a region located within Guatemala and renowned for producing some of the most premier beans you’ll find anywhere in the world.  This blend is the result of the efforts of a small group of coffee producers that pooled their talents together to craft a unique product that was representative of all the beauty and grandeur that the Antigua Valley has to offer.

Flavor Notes: Caramel, Apple, Toffee

Altitude Unknown

Processing Washed

Producer Coop

Origin Guatemala

Region Antigua


Brew Parameters

Espresso: 19gr x 0:25 = 39gr

8oz Pour-over: 20g x 1:55 = 225gr

1/2 Gallon: 115g x 5:00

3 Liter: 162gr x 4:30

1 Gallon: 224gr x 5:00 

2 Gallon: 435gr x 5:30